Personal Injury

Workplace Accidents

Industrial plant, construction site, and other workplace accidents often cause catastrophic injuries. However, they can also be among the challenging types of negligence cases. Many times, these cases involve a complex interplay between a workers’ compensation claim against an injured worker’s employer and a negligence claim against a third-party, such as a sub-contractor or owner of the premises where the employee was working. A significant portion of these cases require hiring several expert witnesses such as OSHA and workplace safety professionals, accident reconstruction engineers, and equipment experts, such as crane operators.

Our lawyers have experience handling challenging third-party claims involving work-place injuries. Some of the types of cases we can assist you with include:

Even if your case does not fall within one of these limited categories, we can likely assist. To discuss the precise details of your case with one or more of our attorneys, visit our contact page. We offer free consultations for all North Carolina personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Maginnis Howard handles all industrial, construction, and other workplace accident claims on a contingency fee basis. This means that you pay attorneys’ fees only if and when we make a financial recovery on your behalf.