Estate Administration

Our firm offers some of the most comprehensive estate planning services in all of North Carolina. Wills & Trusts, estate administration and guardianships are all included in our firm’s estate planning services.

Estate planning is essential to ensure that your loved ones are protected after you pass. Proper planning will both guarantee your valuable assets end up with those you intend, and reduce the responsibilities of those managing your estate. Failing to plan your estate can lead to confusion and disputes over your assets, which can lead to unnecessary heartache following your passing.

The estate planning attorneys of Maginnis Howard, routinely assist clients with estate planning matters, from preparing traditional Wills to complex estate planning documents and Trusts.

We develop close personal relationships and take the time to educate our clients about the various options available to meet their estate planning needs and goals. We have the technical ability to implement a comprehensive estate plan to ensure the orderly and efficient distribution of your assets.

We can help you prepare: