Consumer Law

Harassing Phone Calls

North Carolina’s laws against unfair and deceptive activity, the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act all have requirements that protect consumers from annoying and antagonizing harassing phone calls, faxes and text messages. The laws are designed to stop or limit unwanted contact from:

We recently represented an individual who was receiving harassing phone calls from a creditor on his cell phone even after he had asked them to stop calling him. We settled his case for $150,000.00 and they agreed to waive the debt that they said he owed.

We also recently resolved a case for our client who was receiving repeated harassing phone calls about a family member’s debt. We resolved that case for $70,000.00.

North Carolina provides for damages of up to $5000 per call for certain repeated conduct and the federal law provides for up to $1500 per call. While there are exceptions and limitations to these rules, if you are receiving repeated unwanted phone calls, we may be able to assist.