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Startup Company Litigation

When involved in a potential lawsuit, do you want the lawyer who prepared the corporate documents or do you want to hire a trial lawyer? Almost no one is any good at doing both. You don’t need someone to negotiate a deal, you don’t need someone to paper a corporate transaction, you don’t need someone to “manage a litigation,” you need someone to litigate your startup company litigation, and go all the way if necessary. These are the cases where our firm can help you or your startup business.

We have represented and been involved in lawsuits involving tech startups, software and app developers, SAAS companies, as well as non-tech start-ups. We have represented individuals filing against those companies and we have represented companies in B2B disputes. We recently finished a lawsuit involving a SAAS company and received a glowing testimonial from our client.

We have a solid working knowledge of the industry and apply our significant litigation and trial experience to work for you. Our hourly rates are not bargain basement by any stretch, but they are competitive, and we are often willing to take startup lawsuits on a percentage basis (contingency) or a split fee.

Maginnis Law can handle startup company litigation lawsuits relating to: