Business Litigation

Small Business Representation

In addition to our work in North Carolina for our national and international clients, our firm represents a wide variety of local RTP small businesses including: technology start-ups, retail establishments, contractors/subcontractors, franchisees, entrepreneurs, investors, and government contractors. Our business lawyers represent start-ups, companies in growth mode, and companies that have been doing business in Raleigh for 20-plus years.

Every business decision has financial and/or legal components to it. Our firm has significant experience in resolving small business civil disputes with partners, shareholders, investors, vendors, and competitors. Even start-ups – and perhaps particularly start-ups – a business owner should have the input of experienced legal counsel before making business decisions.

While many business owners come to us when litigation has begun or is inevitable, our experience and focus on business litigation and representing employees can also help our small-business clients who are not yet to the point where a lawsuit is in play. In reviewing contracts, we can identify weak-spots and educate our clients on risks and rewards. In discussing policies and procedures, we can rely on our vast experience in representing employees in counseling you on how to avoid lawsuits.

If you are a business owner seeking their first lawyer, we want to grow with you. We are generally willing to be flexible with fee arrangements with our new business client partners. Contact the firm for a free initial consultation to discuss how we can help.